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Spider Mansion is located in Heritage Square, not far from the town of Golden.  For years there have been stories of actual hauntings on the Square, and those spirits have now made a permanent home inside Spider Mansion.  Perhaps these spirits feel at home in the midst of fog, screaming and darkness.  One will never know why—just that the spirits do inhabit Spider Mansion, and they do not enjoy “company.”

Not many have lived to tell the tales of Spider Mansion…I am one of the lucky ones.

In the one hundred years of this mansion’s existence eighteen people from seven different families have mysteriously passed away. All, we assume, from spider bites.  Rumors have it that the home was built upon huge black-widow nesting ground.  Many autopsy reports noted cause of death as: spider venom.  One hundred years later, this house is said to have been completely taken over by spiders, as well as the spirits of the families who once called this mansion “home.”  So be extremely alert as you navigate your way through the huge labyrinth of hallways and rooms.  You have been warned

LOCATION:  Heritage Square (free admission to grounds) 18301 West Colfax Ave.  (One mile west on Colfax from the Colfax and Sixth Avenue intersection)

PHONE:  303-279-4646

DATES: Oct 6 - 31 - Closed 9th and 16th




WEBSITE:  www.spidermansion.com

REVIEW BY: The Tom Martino Troubleshooter Crew (Kelly "Tank" Parr)

We saved the best for last, and Spider Mansion definitely does not disappoint!!! Set in the foothills, Spider Mansion looks like any old haunted house but once inside is so much more.  Loretta Wood and her staff went all out to create the best haunted house I’ve been to in years!  It’s a very dark, very tight, and VERY scary!  Though it’s called the “Spider Mansion,” there really is no theme to this house. …..Actually I take that back, the theme to this house is pure terror.  What makes this house so intense is its tight hallways, superb acting, and amazing set design. Even in a limited space, Spider Mansion does a great job of keeping you on your toes with miss-direction, blackouts, moving walls, and trap doors.  There were several costumes there that I’ve never seen before and actually gave me nightmares later that night.  My favorite parts had to be the bloody bathroom scene, and the asylum trailer.  All rooms were executed perfectly with just the right touch of lighting, sound, and acting to keep you guessing where the next scare was coming from.  Just when you thought it was safe to walk a few feet, a little girl (actor) would walk up behind you and scream at the top of her lungs!  Earlier in this review you hear me say that some of the houses were “family friendly,” NOT THIS ONE!!  I wouldn’t recommend this attraction for anyone under the age of 10.  This one is only for the bravest of the brave, and is a DEFINITE MUST SEE this Halloween Season!